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Product Verification

Product Verification remains one of our core business verticals. Product Verification Services are vital to the aerospace and aviation industries, where they identify nonconforming products and minimize risk at all stages of the supply chain. NTS Unitek is a full-service Supply Chain Quality Company that provides source inspections, FAI (first article inspections), test witnessing, conformity inspection, in-process inspection, pre-encapsulation (pre-cap), containment and a range of other services. We help OEMs and their supplier partners run leaner operations that are less prone to variance and better positioned to meet the challenges of future growth.

Source Inspection

Source inspection is the inspection of purchased products and process records at the supplier's premises to verify compliance with requirements before shipment to the client.

Conformity Inspection

Conformity inspections involve the review of all design data and production documents generated as part of a design approval program with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  These types of inspections determine whether an applicant has correctly performed all processes and tests to produce parts and assemblies called for by the design data and has inspected those parts and assemblies and found that they are in compliance with the design data.

First Article Inspection

First Article Inspection (FAI) is the detailed verification of production results against the product design requirements in order to provide objective evidence that all engineering design and specification requirements are properly understood, accounted for, verified and documented before on-going manufacturing begins.

Final Inspection

The final inspection involves a comprehensive inspection and review of testing procedure, data and material certifications of the product immediately before shipment to the customer.

In-Process Inspection

Measuring or gaging a critical characteristic during the production process (critical to the final function of the product or critical to assuring the process is under control up to the point of inspection.)  This type of inspection will not control the inventory, but controls the production process.

Test Witnessing

Witness testing provides the opportunity for a customer representative to ensure that the supplier carries out the factory acceptance tests in accordance with the specifications and other contract requirements.  Witness testing also provides the opportunity to experience the “look and feel” of the actual equipment. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to identify and address issues with non-conformance or misinterpretation of the specifications with respect to equipment construction or testing.


“Containment” is the process a company performs when non-conforming product is identified – internally or externally. Containment is the process to control bad product from entering the supply chain.


Pre-Cap inspection is a internal visual inspection performed on hybrid microelectronic devices prior to hermetic seal to detect and eliminate components with internal defects that could lead to device failure in high reliability critical applications.  

About Our Clients

NTS Unitek clients range in size and specialization, and they include a cross-section of some of the aerospace and aviation industries’ most prominent OEMs. We work closely with each customer and their suppliers to put together an auditing program with clear objectives and a detailed timeline for achieving them.

We can provide one-off services or implement a more comprehensive supplier funded program that empowers partners to self-certify under the supervision of our technical inspectors. Our source inspection services can be designed to address a persistent problem. The can also be designed to proactively improve the overall efficiency and quality control of your supply chain.