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Scalable cost effective solutions through proven people, processes and tools.

Product Verification

Source Inspection 
Conformity Inspection 
First Article Inspection 
Final Inspection 
In-Process Inspection 
Test Witnessing Containment 

Audits and Surveys

QMS Audits
Regulatory Audit
Process Audit
Product Audit
Special Process Audit
Pre-Production Val  idation
Supplier Surveys
Digital Product Definition / Model Based Definition Audits

Supplier Development

Quality Engineering
Process Monitoring and Improvement
Process Gap Analysis
Root Cause Analysis
Corrective action Plan Development and Implementation
Test Engineering
Troubleshoot / Error Proof

Supply Chain Management

Delivery Assurance
Production Monitoring
Production Surveys
Capacity Analysis
Program Plan Development
Work Flow Design
Risk Analysis and Reduction

Technical Support Services

DSQR Administration
Supplier Scorecard / Reporting
Specification Compliance
Calibration Process Effectiveness
Engineering Liaison
Administrative Support

NTS Unitek offers an ever-expanding range of global Customer and Supplier Quality, Supply Chain Management and Technical Support Services. Our customers quickly realize the added value we bring to their businesses, which is responsive, accurate and cost effective. Our services are designed to be scalable based on the complexity, rate of growth and volatility of your supply chain. Whether it is a singular event, on-demand, project-based, indefinite supplementation or permanent placement, NTS Unitek solutions remain cost-effective and quality-driven to improve Customer and supply chain performance. 

We are invested in our customer’s success and operate as an extension of your team internally as well as externally at the supplier location.  NTS Unitek has the experience to bring customized solutions to address our customer’s risks and challenges faced in the industries we service.

Service Delivery

In order to provide effective service delivery, it’s critical that we listen to our customers.  We then utilize the right combination of people, processes and tools to provide for an effective solution  


  • Qualified Technical Specialists located worldwide
  • Internal Program Management Teams assigned to each customer to ensure immediate and consistent support
  • On-call representatives support client requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Comprehensive Technical Specialist screening and qualification process 
  • Experienced Program Management, field deployment and reporting 
  • Team of Operations Support, ranging from administrative, accounting, contracts, quality, recruiting & scheduling.


  • Web based system which provides real-time activity launching and data access 

Over the course of decades, NTS Unitek has grown beyond its initial niche of source inspection. Today, we’re a globally focused solutions provider with a growing menu of technical services. Follow the links below to learn more about individual service verticals, or contact a representative using the form on this page to request a consultation.