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Over the course of decades, NTS Unitek has grown beyond its initial niche of source inspection. Today, we’re a globally focused solutions provider with a growing menu of technical services. Follow the links below to learn more about individual service verticals, or contact a representative using the form on this page to request a consultation. 

Source Inspection

Source inspection auditing remains one of our core business verticals. Source inspections are vital to the aerospace and aviation industries, where they identify nonconforming products and minimize risk at all stages of the supply chain. NTS Unitek is a full-service source inspection company that provides conformity inspections, FAI (first article inspections), test witnessing and a range of other services. We help OEMs and their supplier partners run leaner operations that are less prone to variance and better positioned to meet the challenges of future growth.

Product and Process Auditing

Product and process auditing are related services that work together to enhance overall quality control. Product audits identify and document nonconforming products, looking for patterns that will drive the development of countermeasures to prevent the issue from recurring. Process audits, on the other hand, look at how a product or component is made and document noncompliance issues, such as safety violations, incorrect machinery settings and more. 

Supplier Improvement

NTS Unitek’s supplier development programs work directly with your partners to identify potential concerns and craft improvement strategies based on proven lean management/Six Sigma principles. Our approach is customized to the needs of each supplier, and it focuses on delivering value through improved quality management. With an emphasis on trust and communication, suppliers are encouraged to refine their internal systems to meet your requirements. 

Program Auditing

Program auditing evaluates the ability of your suppliers to accommodate technical requests and program requirements passed down to them. Our inspectors look at their overall capacity for flexibility as well as specific factors, such as their material procurement or equipment calibration processes, their consistency of document control and more. Through program auditing, OEMs identify which of their suppliers will be the most effective partner for future projects.  

Management System Auditing

Auditing a supplier’s quality management system provides valuable insight into their ability deliver on their promises and accommodate future growth. We can provide quality management audits and first article inspection (FAI) services for any organization. Our familiarity with ISO 9001, AS9100 and other standards — as well as our deep expertise in the aerospace, aviation and defense industries — makes us an ideal partner for this critical task.  

Supplier Funded Program

Suppler funded programs transfer the financial and administrative burden of auditing to your suppliers. By empowering suppliers to self-certify, you protect your interests while encouraging them to run leaner, more streamlined operations. Potential services that may be included in a supplier funded program include first article inspections, source inspections, process/product audits, training and more. Our team can develop a customized program and coordinate with stakeholders across your supply chain to enforce acceptable global standards. 

Quality Engineering

Our quality engineering services look specifically at your suppliers’ IT infrastructure and related resources to determine their ability to meet future challenges. Quality engineering and testing determine the ability of a system to meet non-functional requirements — such as speed, uptime, security, scalability, etc. — that affect a user’s experience. NTS Unitek’s sophisticated internal expertise allows us to provide quality engineering services for demanding clients in any industry.

Quality Inspection

Quality inspection services include:

  • Pre-product inspections to identify issues with raw materials, machinery and internal processes that can lead to nonconforming products
  • During-production inspections (DURPO) that allow you to estimate the quality of the finished product and, if necessary, take corrective action early in the production cycle
  • First article inspections (FAI) that measure a finished product’s conformance to the initial drawings
  • Container loading inspections that look at how a product is shipped and identify potential issues with its packaging or storage

NTS Unitek can provide these and other quality inspection services for any client or supplier. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with one of our team members.

Additional Value Added Services 

Other quality inspection services we offer include:

  • PPAP
  • Counterfeit parts