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Program Auditing

Program auditing is one of the core services we offer clients in aviation, aerospace, defense and other industries. Organizations in these sectors face a clear need to meet exceptional quality benchmarks while keeping costs down and remaining competitive. Compliance program auditing gives OEMs a standardized way of evaluating their supply chain to streamline processes, reduce liability and decrease overhead expenses. 

How It Works

NTS Unitek's program audit services assess your suppliers' capability to meet all the requirements flowed down to them. Our technical specialists review their approach and determine their ability to meet your current and future expectations. Doing so typically involves:
  • Assessing your suppliers’ ability to implement needed changes, such as engineering design modifications or new inspection requirements
  • Ensuring the suitability and consistency of the special processes utilized on your products
  • Analyzing the material procurement and control processes
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the calibration process to ensure proper recall cycle times and controls
  • Determining your suppliers' ability to correct non-conformance and measuring the effectiveness of their corrective action process
  • Evaluating the consistency of document control process to assure you regularly receive necessary paperwork

We recognize that each of our clients has different needs, and the complexity of the supply chain requires highly individualized solutions. We will work with you to determine the optimal compliance program auditing solution for your business. 

The Compliance Audit Process

NTS Unitek will assign a dedicated project manager who will oversee all aspects of the auditing process. This individual will be your main point of contact and will be available to answer your questions as necessary. 

The project manager will review your supply chain and develop a detailed action plan for moving forward. This action plan will contain a statement of the program’s objectives and a timeline for achieving them. Then, we’ll work with applicable suppliers to coordinate auditing based on your requirements. 

Once we obtain the preliminary results, we’ll present our findings along with a set of potential recommendations for improvement. 

Benefits of Compliance Program Auditing

Regular program audits have several useful benefits for both OEMs and their suppliers. Working with NTS Unitek, a program audit will help you:

  • Identify gaps in supplier quality management and compliance, allowing partners to develop more effective internal processes
  • Gain control over documentation, providing you with a traceable paper trail for both proactive auditing and reactive incident response
  • Streamline your supply chain, leading to lower costs and improved efficiency — without compromising quality control or limiting your potential for future growth
  • Make it easier to share resources between stakeholders, explore new business opportunities and drive innovation in everything you do

Ultimately, establishing secure, shared systems at the supplier level is the best way to improve quality control overall. 

Supplier Funded Programs

NTS Unitek’s supplier funded programs are designed to eliminate the expense of time and money required to complete compliance auditing at the supplier level. Supplier funded programs shift the responsibility of auditing to the suppliers themselves. In these programs, our skilled auditors act as enforcement agents, overseeing the development and implementation of comprehensive quality management systems that meet your specifications.

Supplier funded programs can comprise source inspections, PPAP reviews, quality systems auditing, production monitoring and other critical checks. We developed the program template together with General Electric Aviation, a partner who required a way of improving quality control across their extensive supply chain.   

By centralizing the compliance process, reporting is simplified and standardized between suppliers. With a supplier funded auditing program, making global changes to your processes and standards is easy. Once implemented, you’ll see a higher level of delivery and quality performance. You’ll also enjoy decreased liability and greater end-user confidence in your products.

Getting Started

NTS Unitek is a leading supplier funded program auditing company. We work closely with businesses in defense, aerospace and aviation, among other sectors, and we develop customized solutions based on the extensive industry knowledge of our technical specialists. Through an intimate understanding of your business and its context, we customize our services to deliver the best results for each client. To learn more about our program audit services, please contact us today.