Automotive Industry

The automotive sector relies on strict standards from the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for product conformance and process repeatability. NTS Unitek helps automotive organizations manage strict standards within complex supply chains to enhance product quality and reduce risks.

NTS Unitek Services for the Automotive Industry

At NTS Unitek, we recognize that the automotive industry faces extensive supply chain systems and strict standard requirements. When supply chain visibility and compliance take away from product development and innovation, our services assess shortcomings and find actionable solutions. Our services for automotive organizations include:

  • Product verification: Automotive supply chains rely on parts production from a range of suppliers. Ensuring these products meet all engineering and performance requirements reduces the risks of failing parts. Our verification processes like First Article Inspection (FAI) ensure components meet all production requirements before manufacturing begins. We also perform in-process and final inspections for confirmed conformance at every step in production.
  • Audits and surveys: Quality assurance standards such as IATF 16949 require specific procedures and materials to reduce defects and product variation. Our audits and surveys examine your processes, materials, machines and environments to determine how your production complies with industry standards and maintains reliability and conformance over time. With supplier surveys, we can also gauge supplier performance and how it aligns with customer needs.
  • Supplier development: While our auditing services ensure your organization meets process requirements, our supplier development services find gaps and failures in production and create workable solutions. These services can support improvements in the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and Advanced Part Qualification Planning (APQP) by enhancing documentation practices and altering processes for conformity.
  • Supply chain management: In the automotive industry, supply chain oversight is vital for meeting production and financial goals. Our management services examine several aspects of your supply chain, from supplier capability and capacity to risk analysis and management. We create plans for delivering products on time, improving product quality, reducing production costs and eliminating waste for a more effective supply chain.
  • Technical support: Communicating with engineers, ensuring equipment calibration and managing supplier data records are critical for maintaining a functional product line and supply chain. However, these back-end processes can be challenging to handle alongside your core competencies. NTS Unitek addresses these technical needs to manage supply chain risk and maintain efficiency.

Our Experience in the Automotive Industry

With over 45 years of experience and an extensive team with backgrounds in engineering and quality management, NTS Unitek provides the expertise you need for improving product conformance and reducing risk. We take a disciplined approach with strict process standards that deliver results you can see.

The automotive industry comes with a complex supply chain and rigid product requirements that make process assessment, supply chain management and risk analysis critical to success. NTS Unitek complies with all relevant IATF and ISO regulations to enhance process efficiency, product verification and regulatory documentation.

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“Unitek goes out of their way to provide well qualified resources in an expeditious manner. We have been totally satisfied with our Unitek resources.

- Divisional Quality Manager, Fluid Management and Electronic Control Systems Manufacturer

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