Supplier Funded Program

In 1997, Unitek developed the Supplier Funded Program in partnership with a major aerospace client in order to reduce quality costs, increase the reliability of product, enhance efficiency, reduce risk and make suppliers accountable for the cost of quality . As the program enjoyed significant success, many other clients requested this quality assurance program as well. Today, Unitek currently manages these services for approximately 1,000 suppliers annually.

Unitek Supplier Funded Initiative Defined

  • The “Next Step” in transferring responsibility and accountability of quality to suppliers.
  • A method of protecting client interests without the client bearing the cost of poor quality; reduces clients’ non-value added costs.
  • Motivates suppliers toward process control and performance improvement.
  • Inspection of product at suppliers who consistently fall short of quality standards; inspection is paid for by those suppliers.\
  • Support development of Self-Release Program at the supplier.

Supplier Funded Services Include:

  • First Article/Source inspection.
  • Quality systems audits.
  • Process/Product audits.
  • Production monitoring/Expediting.
  • Training.
  • Process review and analysis.
  • Supplier development.

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“There is not a member of our team that does not agree that NTS-Unitek has proven that one individual really can make a tremendous impact.  Your presence at this supplier has enabled the buyer to provide accurate information to the program as well as ensure key milestones are achieved.”

- Manager, Technical Management Firm

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