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Quality and On Time performance are key to the success of our customers when developing products or equipment for the market. This is especially true in quality critical industries. NTS Unitek provides a variety of Supplier Quality and Supply Chain Management services such as Product Verification, Auditing and Quality Engineering for businesses that are under strict regulations and guidelines.

Over 45 years of experience helping businesses optimize their supply chain and regulatory compliance strategies have prepared us to take on some of the most demanding supply chain challenges. We specialize in partnering with our customers to make the most of your company’s limited resources while reducing costs.  Customers use our services to improve their product quality and on time delivery while providing visibility to their supply chain.

NTS Unitek Industries

In 1973, NTS Unitek Technical Services began its journey by performing quality systems surveys and basic product inspections for OEMs and large defense and aerospace clients. Our services grew over time to accommodate more industries and requirements. We developed a wide variety of services, from supplier development and Part Production Approval Process (PPAP) to Designated Supplier Quality Representative (DSQR) administration. Today, NTS Unitek has become the leading provider of supply chain management services to corporations in such sectors as:

  • Aerospace: NTS Unitek helps aerospace organizations explore the sky and outer space by ensuring compliance with the most recent AS standards. Our services range from first article inspections to thorough production monitoring.
  • AutomotiveThe Auto sector needs to uphold IATF and ISO standards in order to operate at their best efficiency for high production volume. NTS Unitek provides the resources you need to maintain a healthy supply chain through Advanced Part Qualification Processes (APQP), PPAP and supplier data record management.
  • AviationFrom quality regulatory auditing to Delegated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) inspections, we have a variety of services that are utilized for industry compliance and verification.
  • DefenseProduct Quality and on time delivery are critical within the defense industry. Defense customers utilize NTS Unitek for quality control, quality assurance and supplier development support, to ensure the highest quality and most reliable products make it to our military personnel.
  • Energy (wind and power): Create a more scalable energy product business by improving your supply chain. Our planning and schedule recovery strategies are designed to help you risk mitigate product disruptions and give you visibility into the supply chain.
  • MedicalThe medical industry is one of the most demanding quality critical industries. NTS Unitek can support your production approval and product verification processes . We ensure that your products are produced to your specifications.
  • TransportationWe support Heavy Equipment and the rail industry with their quality and supply chain challenges. Our services support the OEM’s and their tier supplier network to produce safe equipment.

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No matter which of these NTS Unitek industries you work with, we can help you identify operational issues, ensure product performance and improve on time delivery. Increasing quality and compliance demands have made it important to find professionals who can deliver the type of support and expertise your customers require.

Our goal is to help our clients produce quality products all over the world. Call us today at 703-961-9901 or contact us online to learn more about the services we offer.


“Unitek goes out of their way to provide well qualified resources in an expeditious manner. We have been totally satisfied with our Unitek resources.

- Divisional Quality Manager, Fluid Management and Electronic Control Systems Manufacturer

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