Audit Programs: How It Works

NTS Unitek will assign a program manager who will oversee all aspects of the auditing process. This individual will be your main point of contact and will be available to answer your questions as necessary.

The program manager will review your audit program requirements for a complete and effective program implementation.  This detail capture will include (but not limited to);

  • Required checklists,
  • Supplier Name, Location,
  • Point of Contacts
  • Previous audit reports &/or finding (if available)
  • Overall program objectives, i.e. responsibility for Corrective Action handling and follow-ups, Audit frequency determination, etc.
  • Audit completion Timelines
  • Audit program Timelines

The program manager will direct the recruitment team to screen and qualify the field based auditors.  The auditor resumes are submitted to customer for approval.

The program manager can (if required) schedule and coordinate training and orientation of the auditors  for specific customer requirements (i.e. specific element validation points, Objective Evidence capture, etc.).

Coordinating Your Audit

Unitek utilizes a secure web based portal for audit scheduling, report upload, findings capture, audit report customer approval and historical retention.  We will work with applicable suppliers to coordinate the audit dates.

The audit performance is briefly summarized below:

  • Supplier Kick Off meeting
  • Audit performance
  • Closing meeting covering results and findings
  • Report finalization
  • Upload final report to web based Audit Tracking System with submittal to customer

We recognize that each of our clients has different needs, and the complexity of the supply chain requires highly individualized solutions. We will work with you to determine the optimal compliance program auditing solution for your business.

Benefits of a Third Party Audit Program

Regular auditing has several useful benefits for both OEMs and their suppliers. Working with NTS Unitek, an audit program will help you:

  • Ensuring the suitability and consistency of the special processes utilized on your products
  • Analyzing the material procurement and control processes
  • Identify gaps in supplier quality management and compliance, allowing partners to develop more effective internal processes
  • Determining your suppliers’ ability to correct non-conformance and measuring the effectiveness of their corrective action process
  • Evaluating the consistency of document control process to assure you regularly receive necessary paperwork

Getting Started with NTS Unitek

NTS Unitek is a leading third party supplier auditing company. We work closely with businesses in defense, aerospace and aviation, among other sectors, and we develop customized solutions based on the extensive industry knowledge of our technical specialists. Through an intimate understanding of your business and its context, we customize our services to deliver the best results for each client. To learn more about our program audit services, please contact us today.


“I want to express our appreciation for accomplishing these tasks so promptly and with such a professional staff. We both give your team very high marks for their knowledge and professionalism.”

- Quality Engineering Manager, Global Manufacturer

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