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Unitek is committed to serving our clients, that in 1995, we pioneered the first version of Launchpad, a web-based solution that allows clients, suppliers and Technical Specialists to access data online, in real time — a function never before available.

Now in its fifth version release, Launchpad allows us to reduce our turnaround time on incoming requests, and remove the manual steps from our data- and record-retention process. This, in turn, allows us to work more efficiently on behalf of our clients, and drive the cost out of our process while still maintaining the integrity of our system.

System Visibility

Launchpad increases visibility to client representatives. It’s no longer necessary for you to contact suppliers and our Command Center to determine the status of a requested or scheduled activity.

  • Access real-time visibility of the status of each request.
  • Every designated client representative is assigned a User ID and Password. Your representatives can view service requests and current status.
  • Comments may be made between buyers, suppliers and the Command Center.

Supplier Registration

Suppliers will receive User IDs and Passwords. Once equipped with a User ID and Password, they may submit all future requests online.

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“There is not a member of our team that does not agree that NTS-Unitek has proven that one individual really can make a tremendous impact.  Your presence at this supplier has enabled the buyer to provide accurate information to the program as well as ensure key milestones are achieved.”

- Manager, Technical Management Firm

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