Defense Industry

In the defense industry, product quality, process efficiency and schedule adherence are vital. NTS Unitek provides defense organizations with quality assurance services, supplier development support and supply chain optimization. Our services allow operations to reduce costs, improve product quality and uphold processes as your entity grows.

NTS Unitek Services for the Defense Industry

NTS Unitek offers a range of services to support product conformance and reliable and repeatable design processes. Whether you need technical support or a complete overhaul of your supply chain management techniques, we have the expertise to help you meet your goals. Our services include:

  • Product verification: The defense industry involves strict product specifications. With our product verification services, your organization can confirm adherence to industry standards and performance benchmarks. We offer first article inspection (FAI), witness testing and more to reduce variance in production and prepare your organization for future growth.
  • Audits and surveys: Our audit and survey services examine your processes and products according to project specifications and industry regulations to find gaps and create actionable steps for improvement. With our supplier surveys, defense organizations can evaluate suppliers’ abilities to meet production requirements and ensure they use resources effectively.
  • Supplier development: A supplier development program looks for recurring problems in processing or documentation and identifies improvements. Supplier development support can include examining all groups involved in the supply chain, or it can focus on a specific problem in the production process.
  • Supply chain management: Your defense supply chain includes layers of suppliers that support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The efficiency and function of your supply chain will affect your financial gains and organizational strategy. Our supply chain management services look at several facets of your supply chain, including product line optimization, risk analysis, capability assessment and schedule recovery.
  • Technical support: Administrative tasks and back-end processes like calibration processing and supplier reporting are critical to assessing resource allocation and ensuring supply chain optimization. NTS Unitek provides these technical support services, so your organization can develop its core competencies while remaining organized.

Why Partner With NTS Unitek?

NTS Unitek has over 45 years of experience in supply chain quality servicing. Our professional team has expertise in various disciplines, including engineering, quality assurance and project management. We’ve developed repeatable procedures for assessing supply chain risk, examining process gaps and creating workable solutions for defense organizations.

In the defense industry, timely deliveries are critical. Our focus on supply chain schedule recovery and expediting ensure your defense products make it to military personnel on time. Our various approaches to process improvement and conformance help you improve your products in the long term.

Contact Us for Supplier Development Support in Defense

Partnering with NTS Unitek supports a successful supply chain. We help you optimize development processes for repeatability and ensure your products meet all relevant specifications. While we focus on quality assurance, scheduling and compliance, your defense organization can dedicate time to your core competencies. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our supply chain quality services.


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