Transportation Industry

When you operate in the transportation industry, supplier network and quality control are critical to your organization’s success. NTS Unitek offers extensive services for product optimization and supply chain management to help you allocate your resources and deliver consistent, high-quality products.

NTS Unitek Services for Your Transportation Supply Chain

With quality control and supply chain services from NTS Unitek, transportation organizations can optimize their resources and deliver precision products on schedule. Our services cover a range of processes, from quality assurance to supplier assessment. We offer:

  • Product verification: Heavy equipment production requires strict adherence to engineering specifications for function and safety. Our product verification services include a range of inspection types to confirm product conformance. We can use first article inspection (FAI), test witnessing, final inspection and more to confirm product accuracy.
  • Audits and surveysWhile product verification services look at product results, our audits and surveys examine your processes to determine how they align with industry regulations and product specifications. Our offerings include regulatory audits, process audits and more. We also employ supplier surveys to assess the production capabilities of your suppliers and how well they align with your needs.
  • Supplier development: Your suppliers play a significant role in product quality, and developing their abilities will improve your supply chain overall. NTS Unitek supplier development services offer improvements in engineering techniques and production processes to support conformance to specifications. We also address production issues with process gap analysis and root cause analysis, allowing suppliers to make changes for long-term growth.
  • Supply chain management: In the heavy equipment and rail industry, your suppliers need to keep up with product demand for your organization to succeed. With supply chain management, we can assess supplier capabilities and optimize product lines to keep up with demand. We also offer risk analysis that helps you mitigate issues before they happen. With schedule recovery, we use a systematic approach to improve on-time delivery.
  • Technical support: Back-end operations, like engineer communications, administrative tasks and supplier reporting, are valuable to your organization, but they may draw attention away from your core competencies. NTS Unitek partners with you to handle these operations, allowing you to allocate resources to more meaningful processes.

Why Should You Partner With NTS Unitek?

At NTS Unitek, we’re committed to delivering supply chain optimization and product verification to your transportation organization. Whether you operate in heavy equipment or the rail industry, our 45 years of experience in supply chain performance management offer a systematic approach to help you achieve long-term cost savings and improved product quality.

Our team of quality assurance specialists, engineers and support staff provides the expertise necessary for product line enhancement and supply chain oversight. We also maintain a deep understanding of industry standards from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Choose NTS Unitek for Heavy Equipment Supply Chain Management

NTS Unitek offers a results-driven methodology for improving production processes and optimizing your supply chain. Cut costs and prepare for long-term growth with our services. Contact our team to learn more.


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