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When your success is incumbent on your supply chain’s quality, you have to evaluate the capability of your suppliers. With suppliers providing the required resources and processes for your products, your operations will sustain more consistent success in the long run.

At NTS Unitek, our supplier evaluation process helps validate suppliers for your company goals.

What Is a Supplier Survey?

A supplier survey, or supplier audit, is a way for manufacturing companies to collect information from current or potential suppliers. This data will help companies determine whether these vendors meet the production capabilities of a manufacturer and their customers.

When a manufacturer has specific requirements for their products, a supplier should match these needs and create a shared business goal. Supplier surveys can be an excellent form of supplier performance management, allowing companies to find new vendors when they need them and improve their current resource availability.

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Supplier Survey Procedures

The supplier survey, or supplier audit, is a way for procurement and quality organizations to collect information which measure the compliance and capacity of current or potentialThe supplier evaluation process typically includes multiple steps. Customers start by contacting us to gain access to our supply chain technical specialists. Our team will use your established tools or create a questionnaire based on the needs of your operation. If directed, NTS Unitek can administer the supplier survey and manage the data collection process on behalf of the customer. When requested, NTS Unitek can even visit supplier sites to evaluate their resources ourselves.

These supplier surveys aim to gather vital information. Our experts will look at the vendor’s capacity, financial abilities, organizational structure, quality assurance skills, and overall performance and process. From there, the supplier earns a score based on how their evaluated qualities are observed during the survey process. The ultimate determination of supplier selection is up to the customer based on their survey scores as well as how well they align with the customer needs.

NTS Unitek can also help manage your Approved Supplier List (ASL) based on supplier performance data (Quality and Delivery metrics), so you know who the top performing suppliers are and who may be a risk, needing supplier development. Customers can tailor a managed supplier performance program for optimized supply chain management.

Benefits and Importance of Supplier Survey

Investing in a supplier performance management program is valuable to the success of your operation. When your entire supply chain shares the same performance goals, you can provide consistent products for your customers and ensure you maintain stable partnerships that keep processes running smoothly. Other benefits of supplier surveys include:

  • Ensuring you can meet the production requirements on time and budget as well as ensure the supplier quality requirements.
  • Introducing stability in production with resource continuity.
  • Maintaining the necessary capacity for production.
  • Mitigating the risk of poor supplier performance.
  • Finding and eliminating hidden costs within your supply chain.
  • Motivating vendors to improve their processes and bolster resources.

Our Services

At NTS Unitek, we evaluate your suppliers’ quality and management systems to maintain your product’s integrity throughout the supply chain life cycle process. Our experts have over 45 years of experience in supply chain quality services, and they keep a close eye on detail. They’ll help your company identify the best means for manufacturing success so you can achieve your operational goals.

NTS Unitek has supported a variety of commodities and numerous industries from commercial aerospace to major defense markets, domestically and internationally. We understand what customers require from their suppliers to meet their manufacturing demands.

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“There is not a member of our team that does not agree that NTS-Unitek has proven that one individual really can make a tremendous impact.  Your presence at this supplier has enabled the buyer to provide accurate information to the program as well as ensure key milestones are achieved.”

- Manager, Technical Management Firm

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