When your manufacturing line is responsible for producing critical components in demanding industries, customers need to confirm products are manufactured correctly. With conformity inspection, technical experts verify the conformance of the product and supporting documentation. At NTS Unitek, we offer a range of product verification services to ensure your production line meets all defined requirements.

What Is Conformity Inspection?

Conformity inspection is a method of examining the product hardware and production documents defined by the end customers design approval program. Meeting these requirements ensures product conformity to those requirements.

The inspection verifies that manufacturers have followed all necessary processes and tests to create a conformal product. In Quality critical industries like aviation, adhering to these processes is vital to the products validation.

What Is the Procedure for Conformance Testing?

Once the manufacturer of the parts and components are completed to the stated design requirements, you can contact NTS Unitek for product compliance verification. We’ll examine the product and documentation to ensure the procurement requirements have been met. The inspection will evaluate internal processes determine whether it meets its design requirements. Our technical specialist will also examine documentation like test and inspection reports.

After our experts perform a conformity test, they’ll fill out a supplemental inspection report. If we identify any deviation from the conformance thresholds, we’ll provide assistance correcting the process and improving your production line.

The Benefits of Conformity Inspection

Conformity Inspection comes with the immediate benefit of verifying that all requirements outlined have been met. Beyond that, inspection helps to:

  • Validates your production processes.
  • Validates flow down and understanding of the requirements by your suppliers.
  • Assure all stakeholder organizations that your parts are compliant to the procurement requirements.
  • Identify the risks associated with noncompliance.
  • Provide feedback to improve processes and documentation for future production.
  • Reduce the impact of engineering and manufacturing efforts after failed submission.

Meeting customer requirements is crucial to the success of your processes and operation. Customers know they can rely on you to provide components they trust. With NTS Unitek helping you using the best practices of product inspection, you can refine your production methods and create a more efficient operation.

Our Services

NTS Unitek offers a range of supply chain quality services to ensure your technology production reaches its full potential. When you contact us for conformity testing, you’ll work with a team of experts dedicated to validate your stated product requirements. We’ll provide trusted assessments while you focus on the larger scope of your operation.

From aerospace to defense, our team will identify any risk in the early stages of your production and provide management solutions. With over 45 years of experience, we’re prepared to handle all your supply chain quality needs.

Contact Us for Product Compliance Testing

At NTS Unitek, we specialize in supply chain quality management. When you’re creating products for highly regulated industries, you need confirmation that it meets all defined requirements. Verify your product is compliant with the customer procurement requirements utilizing test witnessing and other product verification methods. Contact us today to learn more about our services.     


“Unitek goes out of their way to provide well qualified resources in an expeditious manner. We have been totally satisfied with our Unitek resources.

- Divisional Quality Manager, Fluid Management and Electronic Control Systems Manufacturer

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