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Industries requiring the verification of critical products quality compliance, often require products undergo various inspections/tests to confirm the product design and functions as intended according to the performance specification. At NTS Unitek, we provide witness testing for your components to ensure best practices throughout your supply chain.
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What Is Test Witnessing?

Witness testing is a form of product verification where a technical specialist (“witness,”) confirms that a supplier follows through with the (required) factory-ordered acceptance tests. This testing is a form of quality control and surveillance. It can be performed at various stages during a product manufacturing process. For example, some products may need to be tested at component level stage prior to being integrated into a more complex assembly. Typically, products are tested just prior to final inspection. Results of the testing process become part of the acceptance documentation package.

The witness gains the opportunity to see the component in action to verify that it performs as specified before it enters the field. Witnesses will also verify that the testing fixtures and environmental conditions are accurately compliant as specified prior to the test performance. Results of the testing method would identify non-conformance issues or misinterpretation of product specifications. This process involves reviewing specification and data sheets.

Test Witnessing Procedures

NTS Uniteks team of technical specialists will review all associated contract specifications, technical datasheets and equipment general arrangement drawings before examining the test article. If an Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) has not already been developed, Unitek can develop a checklist procedure for the performance and acceptance test.

The witness will observe the acceptance test to ensure proper protocol, and they’ll confirm all processes align with the documentation. From here, they can do non-conformance testing to find any gaps in conformity.

Benefits of Test Witnessing

Witness testing offers a myriad of benefits for your manufacturing operation. The immediate advantage is the verification that the product performs as specified. Benefits also include:

  • Base configuration verification and management
  • Establishment of the base test parameters and expected outcomes or conditions
  • Reducing the risk of liability related to product noncompliance.
  • Improving the reliability of your product.
  • Saving time on fixes in the field.
  • Keeping the project on production schedule.
  • Increased branding and customer good will.

With witness testing, you can validate the product meets the design and performance specifications. When each level of the supply chain performs the proper acceptance testing, you confirm quality control practices through your product’s entire process, from manufacturer to buyer. People who buy your components will get the quality they deserve (and expect) from your production, and your operation will retain its reputation.

Our Services

At NTS Unitek, we provide a range of supply chain quality services to support best practices in your manufacturing (supply) base. If you’re looking to improve your suppliers quality performance, our product verification methods paired with our technical expertise will ensure your design and production practices meet all specifications. Gain more time to focus on the broader scope of your operation while we focus on the details.

We have over 45 years of experience in product verification, and we’ve worked with industries ranging from defense, aerospace, energy, transportation to critical infrastructure. We’ll help you find risk early in your production line to ensure your assemblies deliver optimal function for your customers.

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NTS Unitek will confirm you’re creating a well-constructed product that complies with all of the performance specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our product verification and supply chain quality services.

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