Risk Analysis

All manufacturing operations encounter certain levels of risk when it comes to meeting production levels or new product introductions. At NTS Unitek, we offer supply chain risk assessment to identify the risks within your value stream.

What Is Risk Analysis?

Quality critical industries, like aerospace and defense, may encounter various issues that affect production efficiency or product reliability. With risk analysis, technical specialists can determine potential risks and find methods for mitigating them. Customers can then meet manufacturing challenges with the proper action plans and prepare themselves to mitigate disruptions in their production line.

Risk Analysis Procedures

NTS Unitek’s team of technical specialists creates a supply chain risk assessment based on the standards covered in the AS9100 aerospace quality management system as well as the International Aerospace Quality Group’s (IAQG) Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH). We use a five-step procedure to determine potential risks and create action plans for these potential pitfalls. In our manufacturing risk reduction plan, we:

  • 1 Define risk analysis criteria: We create standards for our risk assessment to make our testing consistent throughout all processes. This practice helps us identify acceptable and unacceptable risk.
  • 2 Identify, assess and communicate risk: When we recognize all present threats and their severity, we can funnel them to the proper channels for fixing.
  • 3 Assign responsibilities: Our first step considers the departments and teams that should be involved in risk mitigation. Once we identify these groups, we keep them engaged throughout the analysis procedure.
  • 4 Determine, implement and manage mitigation actions: This step involves identifying ways to prevent severe or costly liabilities. We consider which processes are creating the risk and how we can change it.
  • 5 Accept remaining risk: While our approach allows us to reduce the more compromising liabilities, some risks are unavoidable. Our final step accounts for these and makes a note of them for future reference.

Benefits and Importance of Supply Chain Risk Analysis

Supply chain risk management is vital to the success of your serialized specialized components. When you identify risk earlier in your production cycle, you can ensure best practices from the beginning and create stronger, more compliant products in the long run. Other benefits include:

  • Reducing the costs of adjusting your supply chain
  • Improved production and cost control with variation controls.
  • Saving time on fixing components in the field.
  • Building trust with customers who can expect a consistently reliable product.
  • Maintaining the reputation of your organization.
  • Gaining access to a risk plan you can actively update.

Our Services

At NTS Unitek, we offer a range of supply chain management practices for your organization. While we can help you mitigate risk, we also you develop lean operations, measure supplier capability and capacity, and develop schedule recovery methods. If you need support in developing supply chain performance and management, NTS Unitek is happy to partner with you to achieve your Mission Assurance.

With over 45 years of experience, our technical specialists are prepared to handle your risk mitigation needs and allow you to focus on the big picture success of your operation.

Contact Us for Supply Chain Risk Management

NTS Unitek will keep you on top of your supply chain’s risks and help develop the risk mitigation strategy to manage it. Contact us today to learn more about our supply chain quality management capabilities.


“There is not a member of our team that does not agree that NTS-Unitek has proven that one individual really can make a tremendous impact.  Your presence at this supplier has enabled the buyer to provide accurate information to the program as well as ensure key milestones are achieved.”

- Manager, Technical Management Firm

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